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The Power of Mind to Heal is a continually-demonstrated fact of life.

There has been enough speculation, examination and interpretation of the increasing event of sudden very rapid unexplainable healing of bodily disease that is occurring in this world. Many have been unable or unwilling to accept the inescapable evidence of so-called miracle healings and spontaneous remissions and recoveries that are being demonstrated with increasing frequency.

Most want to believe and seek faith to do so, but still lack the confidence in the immediate healing grace available through the power of their own mind. This is the provision a Miracle Healer activates and intensifies.

It is time to bring the power of our mind to where our hearts have led us. The healing power of God’s Love is not a remedial medical possibility. It is a fact of the Universal Mind of God that you are perfect as He created you.

The Grace of God Line

It is perfectly possible, and in fact, likely, that if you have found this website,
you have begun to experience the process of your own awakening
or will very soon begin to do so.

Remember, this is your own reunion with the Mind of God.
As your willingness increases, so will the manifestations of your transformation,
and there will be a lot of them in great variety.

Please contact us for any kind of help, or for some private counseling,
or just with a happy report of what’s going on.
Teachers of God on the “Grace Line” will know and understand
very well what you are experiencing.

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